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gummybearBat Rescue Inc. is a self-funded volunteer organisation whose members are permitted under Queensland's Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Established on the Sunshine Coast in 2002, Bat Rescue Inc. was South-East Queensland's only bat-specific care group.  The aims of the organisation are:

  • * To provide education and information to the general public
  • * Active conservation of bats and their habitat
  • * The promotion of bats as an important part of our ecology
  • * The rehabilitation and release of bats back to the wild

Bat Rescue Inc. volunteers meet all costs including transportation, food and medications out of their own pockets. The rescue service is provided free of charge as part of our contribution to our local community and at the same time provides us with an opportunity to educate the public about the ecological importance of these unique creatures.

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Please take a moment to look through this website. And, if you're in the Sunshine Coast area, think about joining Bat Rescue and giving support in whatever way you can. You'll find more details here - Be A Bat Carer.






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 If you find an injured bat, or one that is on the ground or hanging alone by itself during the day, DO NOT TOUCH IT, and keep children and domestic pets away. A very small percentage of bats can carry a rabies-related virus which can only be transmitted to humans through a bite or deep scratch. 

Any wild animal that is injured or frightened can be defensive, so it is essential that you immediately seek the help of a specialised wildlife service which has trained and vaccinated rescuers available.

While we welcome questions and enquiries, please do not email us for urgent assistance or rescue advice as we cannot guarantee a prompt response.  We ask you to immediately contact your nearest wildlife service or animal welfare organisation (e.g. RSPCA) by telephone. You'll find phone numbers at the left of the page.

The following link may be helpful: Fauna Search    (Nation-wide database of Australian wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisations)


If you're out of this area

there's a great way to find rescuers closer to home.

Go to Fauna Search:

and you'll find a number of criteria to search by. If you can't find someone in your immediate area, you'll hopefully find someone close by.


Thank you

Bat Rescue Sunshine Coast would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Sunshine Coast Council.

Funding through the Environmental Levy Grant has allowed us to continue to care for bats all over the Sunshine Coast.









A great website, please visit: 


Don't shoot bats