Peachester colony

The National Grey-headed Flying-fox Count is a Commonwealth Government initiative, supported by State conservation agencies in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. In Queensland, the Department of Environment & Resource Management (DERM) coordinates the annual count under the banner of 'Battysearch'.


Annual counts of known camps occupied by this species are conducted on two consecutive nights across the three States in early April, and relies heavily on volunteers who are interested in wildlife conservation to attend on both evenings and manually count individuals as they fly out at dusk.


While there has been some criticism that the methodology is flawed and open to a degree of error, the counts are the best tool to date of estimating population size. Bat counts are a vital contribution towards managing the conservation of Grey-headed Flying-foxes. Data collected from previous counts proved that this particular species is in decline thereby supporting its Federal listing as a "vulnerable" species in 2001.


For further information, or to register your participation in the next 'Battysearch' count please contact your local Parks & Wildlife Service office. 

 Grey-headed Flying Fox guidelines