Cascades Gardens Flying-Fox Revegetation Project 2004-2006

The Cascades Gardens Flying-fox colony is situated on Australia's Gold Coast at the southern end of Surfers Paradise in a popular park. The colony has a resident population of approximately 5,000 Flying-foxes including Black and Grey-headed species. In recent years the roosting site had deteriorated to such a degree that many individuals were starting to relocate to the public recreation areas of the park. 

The project was conceived and administered by four Bat Rescue members - namely Gary and Vicki Bressan, and Robert and Jenny James.  Work on the project, commenced in 2004 with the aims of:

  • Constructing a fly-out observation deck
  • Erecting interpretative signage
  • Undertaking bushcare including weeding, revegetation and ongoing maintenance of the existing colony site
  • Promoting the colony as a tourist attraction
  • Educating visitors to the area
  • Improving community perception of Flying-foxes

Funding & Support
A grant of $16,000 was obtained through Threatened Species Network for onground works. Additional in-kind support was received from Jupiters Ltd, Wildlife Preservation Society Qld, Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (Southern Region), Gold Coast City Council and ddwfauna.  The total value of the project, including in-kind support, amounted to around $100,000.

The project was undertaken in collaboration with Jupiters Limited and involved construction of a fly-out observation deck and erection of interpretative signage beside the boardwalk at the newly built Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre at Broadbeach. An additional four interpretative signs are also located at the colony itself in the nearby Cascades Gardens. The bushcare aspect of the project, comprising weed control, vegetation improvement within the colony and provision of a buffer zone, commenced in October 2005 under the expert supervision of  Jeannie White.  It is the intent that once the new roost trees gain sufficient height the colony will remain within this limited area.  Annual site maintenance was undertaken by Bat Rescue Gold Coast members from 2005 to 2009.

                          Observation Platform                                                                           Colony site October 2006


Cascades reveg


Bat Rescue Gold Coast Branch was honoured to receive a GOLD GECKO AWARD for this project from Gecko (Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council) at their annual Environment Awards ceremony held December 2006.

This project, and many other local sites, are featured on the Gold Coast Catchment Association website.