While we welcome questions and enquiries, please do not use the contact form below for urgent assistance or rescue advice as we cannot guarantee a prompt response.

For animal emergencies, please contact your nearest wildlife service or animal welfare organisation by telephone immediately.  For a comprehensive list of rescue organisations in all areas, search online here


Bat Rescue Inc.

P.O. Box 4625
Sunshine Coast MC
Qld 4560


24 Hour Hotlines


If you find an injured bat, or one that is on the ground or hanging alone by itself during the day, DO NOT TOUCH IT, and keep children and domestic pets away. A very small percentage of bats can carry a rabies-related virus which can only be transmitted to humans through a bite or deep scratch.

Any wild animal that is injured or frightened can be defensive, so it is essential that you immediately seek the help of a specialised wildlife service which has trained and vaccinated rescuers available.


Sunshine Coast Region:
Bat Rescue Inc. 24hr Hotline
(via WILVOS) 07 5441 6200
1300 264 625
Brisbane Region:
Brisbane (BCRQ)
0488 228 134
Ipswich (Bat Rescue Inc.)
07 3062 6730

Gold Coast Region:
Gold Coast (Bats QLD)
0447 222 889