Some of the costs of being a volunteer wildlife carer include purchases of equipment, food and medications and petrol/transportation.

While in care, an adult flying-fox consumes approximately 300-400 gms of fruit per day, plus High Protein supplementation.  Depending on the severity of their injuries or time needed to rehabilitate, some flying-foxes can be in care for days, weeks or even months.

Hand-raising baby flying-foxes takes approximately five months from arrival to release. After weaning from milk formula, orphans consume between 100-200gms of fruit per day.  During creche, they are offered up to 350gms per day.  Support feeding continues for a number of weeks after release until the orphans are independently finding their own food.  This long process can cost more than $200 for each baby for milk, formula, medications and food.

Rescuing and caring for microbats is also an expense, with specialized food, equipment and caging requirements.

Bat Rescue Inc. applies for grants and actively fundraises in order to try and subsidise some of the costs involved for our members.  We are grateful for any support that we receive.

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